Liver Transplantation



Edition: First Edition 2010; Released as International edition in January 2010

Author: Dr.Dilip K.

Co-authors: Dr. YC Chan, Prof. Wei-Chen Lee, Prof. Yi-Yan Jan, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan and Prof. Po-Huang Lee, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan.

Foreword by Sir Roy Calne, Emeritus Professor of Surgery and pioneer Liver Transplant Surgeon from Cambridge University, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

This book is first of its kind by an Indian author.

Publisher - Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) LTD, New Delhi, India

Brief details about the contents: Keeping in view of changing trends in approach to the management of a patient with end stage liver disease and recent advances in the field of liver transplantation, it is essential to have a book which narrates everything about liver transplantation, starting from the management of complications in a cirrhosis patient to long-term outcomes in liver transplantation. This book has 49 chapters with more than 250 coloured pictures showing the different surgical techniques and management of DDLT, LDLT, Pediatric, Split, Domino and ABO-incompatible liver transplantation including the post-transplant management, immunosuppression, follow up, short and long-term complications and their outcomes. Management of complications in the recipient on waiting list is an important aspect of this book. We have also focused briefly about the recent advances in liver transplantation such as stem cell, hepatocyte and xenotransplantation.

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